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Over the last 50 years I have worked with over 8,000 dogs and just about every breed on the planet, there are no "bad" dogs. Just dogs that haven't received the proper training or support somewhere along the way. But where do you find that help? First, you might look for a "Dog Trainer." But beware, that term is misleading. If you are looking to train your dog for basic obedience, or to run agility courses, or to do tricks, then, by all means, use a trainer. (Even then, all trainers aren't equal. What are their qualifications? How long have they been doing this? What do their clients say about them? Where did they receive their training? Etc.)  


However, if you are trying to assist your dog to overcome one of the behavioral issues listed on my home page, then you might think you should look for a Dog Behaviorist, the sad truth is, every dog behaviorist I am aware of, is simply a dog trainer calling themselves a Dog Behaviorist. There are no 1-year vocational courses that teach people how to do what I have learned through 50 years of experience and training. Becoming a Dog Whisperer, takes living, breathing, eating and working with dogs 24/7 for many years (in my case, five decades). Unfortunately,  just because a trainer is calling themselves a dog behaviorist, doesn't make it true -- they could have been working at Petsmart 6 months ago, for all you know. It's an art, not a science. Someone once said, "To become an expert, do something 10,000 times." In the case of helping dogs, I've been doing it for a lifetime. It's a fact that I can help your dog. Your dog doesn't speak English. But I can teach you their language. Once you understand how to communicate effectively with your dog, problems disappear. And they disappear quickly right in front of your eyes. 


So, if you're looking for a "dog trainer" of course I can help you. That's easy. However,  if you want to help your dog overcome Behavioral Issues, call me, Brad Tedeschi, The Dog Guru. Even if you've already tried a "dog trainer," remember, "When you're dog's being Bad, Call Brad."


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