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Dog Whispering & Dog Psychology take many more years to develop than simple dog training. There are no Dog Whispering Courses; it's an art that comes from understanding dogs and their natures at a very deep level. It's like having a Doctorate Degree and decades of experience instead of a certificate from an Institute, or no formal training at all. Besides being in the Military Patrol Dog Program and being a K9 Police Officer, I have worked professionally with dogs for 46years.  My skills are on par with Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer, but I have been working professionally with dogs much longer.  He comes from a Dog Walking background, where my background is Military & Police Training.  (I hear he charges $6,000 for a personal session because he has a successful TV show. You will find my rates much more reasonable, and my results equal, if not better.)


What I Don't Do:

     1. Charge you for a series of lessons.

(Why are dog trainers trying to hook you into 4-6 sessions,  for $1,500-$2,500, or more, when you haven't even met them or had one session?) 98% of the time I am able to rehabilitate your dog and train you in one session.

     2. Charge you for an expensive Boot Camp.

You're told that if you just send your dog to an amazing Camp, he will be returned to you with no issues and you'll have the perfect dog. Besides costs, which are substantial, a bigger problem is that your dogs behavioral problems will most likely reappear quickly when he/she returns to their previous environment,  i.e. your home. That's because you haven't been trained. Whatever caused your dog to have a certain problem is going to surface again. And if nothing has changed with you or your home, your dogs poor behavior is likely to return quickly. That's why it's so important that your dog is rehabilitated, and that you are also trained. (I helped rehabilitate one dog that had been to 4 trainers, one dog behaviorist, and a one month boot camp. At the end of that process, it attacked every person and dog it saw. After working with the dog and it's owner, now it goes to the dog park every day and anyone can pet it. This was a 100 pound German Shepherd named Ozzie.)

     3. Just train your dog to sit, stay and perform a trick or two. This may be inexpensive, but does it solve your dog's issues? 

       4. Charge you $100 for a "phone call session" which is really just a chance to sell you a much more expensive package of between $1500 and $2,500.

What I Do

In one session we cover many things such as;

1.    Teaching "you" why your dog is behaving the way he/she behaves;
2.    Correcting any behavioral issues your dog is experiencing;
3.    Getting rid of excitement around the front door;
4.    Teach you why your dog doesn't listen to you;
5.    Stop your dog from using the house as a toilet;
6.    Stop your dog from chewing things up in your house or yard;
7.    Stop your dog from unwanted barking;
8.    Stop separation anxiety, if your dog suffers from it.

9.    How to praise and correct your dog perfectly;

10.  Stop your dog's aggression towards people;
11.  Help you implement a customized plan for your dog combining Exercise, Discipline and Affection, and how to balance these needs for your dog and household;

12.   Coach you through learning how to communicate with your dog so  that it understands and obeys you every time;

13.   Show you how to set Rules, Boundaries and Limitations in order to have a perfectly behaved dog, all without saying a word;

14.   Stop household dog's from fighting each other, or being aggressive with unknown dogs;
15.   Teach your dog to stay inside the front door with the door open until you call it out, every time.

16.   Teach you and your dog to walk like Pro's. No more barking or pulling, all while walking perfectly at your side;

17. Customize a plan for your dog combining Exercise, Discipline & Affection.
18.   Show you how to keep your dogs behavioral issues from returning.

19.   And an entire Puppy Program that is proven by experience. (Potty Training, No more biting, teaching the rules of the house, walking perfectly by your side without pulling or barking, stop over-excitement and over-excited jumping on people, stop barking when told, and much more.)


So, now that you have a little understanding, history and perspective, let me share my rates.

My fee is $795 cash (or $895 by check) for a 1.5 hour session.  I come to your home. In total you're receiving 1 hour of round trip driving to and from your house (30 minutes each way),  plus the 1.5 hour session. That's a total of 2.5 hours of my time.  You are benefiting from 47 years of Professional Dog-Handling Experience from the Number One rated Dog Handler in Orange County by 5 Star Yelp Reviews.  (Having more than double the 5 Star reviews over last 3 years of my nearest competitor.)

(You are paying for my time, not per dog.) 

 Can I really do all that I say in 1.5 hours? Just read my customers Yelp reviews and let them tell you.  I understand your dog and understand the best ways to correct his/her behavior without aggressive means. And I understand how to communicate this effectively to you as well.  Do you really care that it doesn't take 6 sessions and cost much more money? 


Thank you for taking the time to review my rate structure. Let me assure you that I can train you and fix any dog issue or problem you are experiencing, 98% of the time, in one session. (I haven't done a second session in over a year.)

Remember, "When your dog's being bad, call Brad".